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Fitbit's radically redesigned app is ready for public consumption

Fitbit’s redesign is finally here. Google has just announced that the extensive update after existing as an Update simplifies the experience by splitting everything into three tabs. There’s the Today tab, the Coach tab, and the You tab, each offering unique metrics and access to activities.

The Today tab boasts a fully customizable set of daily statistics and metrics for easy review. Although it’s called “Today,” it also provides access to health trends over the past month or year. The Coach tab is all about motivation, with curated lists of mindfulness sessions, workouts and more. The You tab is where you access performance badges and related progress metrics. Google says that all this information is kept private and will not be used for advertising data.

The update doesn’t change what’s free and what’s only available to paying subscribers, so your basic fitness flow remains the same, but the app’s visual language is markedly different and there are some new features. Google encourages Fitbit users to use the new app to track physical activity with or without a dedicated device, as the update improves integration with smartphone sensors for more accurate step counts. The company is also introducing new privacy controls and increased customization options on the Today tab.

The update begins a global rollout today for both iOS and Android platforms. However, this is a big release, so it may take a few days for the redesigned app to hit your inbox. The redesign couldn’t come at a better time, as earlier this year, including open groups, adventures and challenges. While these features haven’t exactly returned with this update, the Coach tab will feature daily challenges and scenarios similar to what was previously available, and the You tab will provide access to achievement badges.

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