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Get a bunch of Starfield credits for free before Bethesda's big patch

Starfield is one of this year’s biggest RPG game releases to date, and Bethesda’s most successful launch overall. The interstellar experience puts you in the shoes of a sturdy space traveler capable of traveling across galaxies. With all great Bethesda games comes the possibility of exploits or bugs, and Starfield is no exception. Since its latest release, fans of the game have managed to find easy ways to make quick credits. While not necessarily as honest as selling old equipment to vendors, this exploit pays very well.

As further detailed in our Starfield review, Bethesda’s latest entry into its long line of beloved RPGs is massive. Given its large size, bugs in the game come as no surprise. After discovering that one of Starfield’s best suits was free thanks to a neat trick, players came across another similar cheat that can make your Constellation explorer rich early. If 160,000 credits sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. As someone who sells cubed space food for money, I could use any extra credit.

When said credits are free, it makes it even better. If you’re aboard the Stroud-Eklund Staryard, try the trick yourself. After exiting your ship, go straight into the next room where the ship part is. Go to the right side of the rope of the screen and use some fun camera movements to force the collision to push you through the wall. If you sprint, it will be easier to achieve.

This is where the exploit gets a little harder to do correctly, as you can see in recordings from Karim Jovian above. Once you’re through the wall, be quick and use your boosts to land on a little bit of solid ground. Eventually, you’ll cross the corner and stand in front of a chest full of a whopping 160,000 credits. If you’re looking for even more money, you’re in luck.

You can repeat the chest exercise as many times as you like. Fly to Venus, land, rest, then fly back to the Staryard. It only takes five minutes or so and you get the same amount every time. You will quickly become one of the richest inhabitants of the galaxy, with no Starfield mods required. In a way, the method is reminiscent of Skyrim’s own buggy Whiterun chest.

With a massive Starfield patch coming with upcoming features like DLSS support and a FOV slider, there’s no telling how long this exploit will stay in the game. Bethesda can leave it for a while or they can patch it with the big update. I myself go on many trips to Stroud-Eklund Stjernegård. As appetizing as Starfield food looks, it can only give me so much money. The same goes for all the trinkets everywhere I keep flooding my stash with.

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